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About Banners

Let's take care of banner business, shall we? ;)

Banner Makers: asazuki_satoka and kohana_chan... Just checking in, because I haven't contacted either of you in quite a while. Please reply to this post and let us know if you still want to make banners for the community! If not, let me know so I can take you off the list and reassign banner making duties to someone else. :)

Winners: As far as I know, the following people still have not received their banners:

For Challenge 30 -- orlandogirl and asazuki_satoka
For Challenge 31 -- obakehoshi
For Challenge 32 -- obakehoshi
For Challenge 33 -- fatesong --- Being taken care of by sunshinii

Please reconfirm that you have not received a banner yet and I'll take care of them! Or, if you still have not received a banner and are not listed here, please reply to this post with the number of the challenge you won. ^^

I'm also in the process of tagging all the entries and reorganizing the userinfo. BTW, thanks co-mods, for keeping the userinfo up-to-date!
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