A lil' bit of you and me (sunshinii) wrote in animelovestills,
A lil' bit of you and me

Week 36 Submission

Weird timing this week, sorry about that guys, but you get a few extra days =D

Your theme is:


Interpret however you like, we want to see a wide variety of interpretations! You can have characters talking, you could have the word 'words' or you could use a variation of the theme, 'language', though it shouldn't be limited to those! Questions welcome! Also, I'd really like a full contest with three beautiful winners this time, so I want everyone to submit submit submit! ^_^

1. You may post 2 icons per challenge.
2. If the theme isn't clear, please include a description.
3. All entries must be 100x100 and LJ Compatible.
4. No animation.
5. Your icon must feature two people.
6. Enter by posting your icon as a comment onto this post.

Due by Friday, February 16th~
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